London Plane Tree
13x3.5" Cherry/Padauk piccolo
Black Cherry Tree
African Padauk Tree
14x7" Cherry/Brass snare
Black Cherry Tree
14x6" Purpleheart/Cherry snare
Purpleheart Wood Tree
Black Cherry
Mulberry 6x14" snare
13x3.5" Cherry piccolo snare
Black Cherry Tree
Mulberry Tree

London Plane kit, 22x14" kick, 16x16" floor tom, 13x10" rack tom. Smoky goodness

13x3.5" Cherry piccolo with Padauk wood composite lugs- one of a kind spaceship

14x7" Cherry/Brass snare. Big and bold. Reminiscent of Radio King

14x6" Purpleheart/Cherry snare

Mulberry 6x14" snare and 13x3.5" Cherry piccolo snare

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